Clothing. Love it or hate it, we all have to wear it, and make it look good. Because outfits are notorious for malfunctioning, especially for the stars,here are ten more embarrassing celebrity wardrobe malfunctions!

Jennifer HudsonWhen actress and singer Jennifer Hudson made an appearance on the Chelsea Lately show,she didn’t expect to show off more leg than she intended. While sporting a tight black skirt, Jennifer took a seat and the zipper on her skirt split. The wardrobe malfunction caused complete chaos in the studio,with host, Chelsea Handler, trying to help Jennifer cover up, and not expose anyone else. Luckily the interview was pre-taped.

Katherine HeiglIn 2010 at the ShoWest convention in Las Vegas, Nevada,actress Katherine Heigl earned the award of Female Star of the Year. As she got up on stage to accept her award,catastrophe happened, as the strap of her red dress broke in the middle of her acceptance speech. Luckily, host Billy Bush came to the rescue, and held her strap until she was done. Afterward, Katherine was able to get a pin backstage, and was able to rejoin the celebration,and have her picture taken with her award in peace.

Sophie Marceau In 2005, Sophie Marceau showed off more to the camera than she intended to. While she was at the Cannes Film Festival,one side of Sophie’s dress completely slipped off, revealing her entire breast. From her reaction, you can tell she was shocked, if not a little embarrassed. In 2015, also at the Cannes Film Festival, Sophie encountered other more minor wardrobe malfunctions,but they weren’t as epic as her nip slip in 2005.

Mischa Barton In April 2015, Mischa Barton was at a screening for her movie, “Bhoptal: A Prayer For Rain,”when she found herself accidentally exposing herself, due to a wardrobe malfunction with her shirt. When Mischa sat down next to co-star Martin Sheen to watch the movie,her white top opened in a way that revealed she wasn’t wearing a bra, and it was a clear nip slip!Cameras were there to catch the moment,and there was also the added bonus of Martin Sheen photobombing the photo. He probably couldn’t see anything from his angle, but his face is pretty hilarious.

Courtney Love In 2011, Courtney Love was wearing a lovely red dress, after dropping some weight in the past year. However, It seemed that she didn’t quite fit into the dress quite right, or at least her breasts didn’t,as they spilled over the top of the dress, revealing some nipple. However, Courtney didn’t seem fazed by the malfunction,as she used to baring it all on stage or even in a see-through top. But fashion enthusiasts thought that the incident could have been avoided with a bra.

Lenny Kravitz During a Concert in Stockholm, Sweden in August 2015,Lenny Kravitz experienced a mortifying wardrobe malfunction when his pants split at the crotch. If you think he had the underwear to save him, think again! His entire junk,and we mean the frank and beans of it all, was exposed as he crouched down to the audience while rocking out. So if you’ve ever wondered what Lenny has down south, the mystery has been solved.

Christina Milian In July 2016, singer Christina Milian was enjoying a beach day in Ibiza in the Balearic Islands,while donning a fashionable one-piece swimsuit, when the unexpected happened. Given the design of the swimsuit, a wardrobe malfunction was imminent,since the straps covering the breasts was a bit. . . narrow. Hence, a nip slip followed, and cameras went wild as we saw more of the singer than we expected.

Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan was attending a party for De Grisogono Founder Fawaz Gruosi’s 64th birthday,at the hotel Cala Di Volpe in Porto-Cervo in Sardinia, Italy in August 2016. For the event, she wore a blue gown, and smiled for pictures while enjoying dinner,unaware that her breast was exposed from misplaced fabric. Once she realized what had happened, she laughed it off and continued to enjoy her evening. Of course, in paparazzi fashion, cameras were there to capture the malfunction minute by minute.

Jennifer Lawrence Actress Jennifer Lawrence has had her share of wardrobe malfunctions throughout her career,but her worst one to date occurred in 2011 while attending the Baftas. Jennifer learned the hard way of what happens when you wear a strapless dress,as it continued to fall down during the event, with exposures abound. From the look on Jennifer’s face, the poor thing was clearly mortified.

Tina FeyDuring the 2013 Emmy’s, Tina Fey won an award for best comedy writing. When she got on stage to accept her Emmy, her low cut dress exposed a part of her breast. While Tina remained on stage excited about her win, the world and the camera could see what she couldn’t. Of course, because Tina has a sense of humor,she was able to recover from the wardrobe malfunction swiftly, and with little repercussion. Oh well. . . it can happen to the best of us.


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